Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I have now been told twice that my blog is boring and I'll admit its been a VERY  long time since my last blog. Now is the time to play catch up. Get ready, get set, read! (wow, I'm a nerd)

Where to begin. I guess I'll start with school. It seems to be the most prominent thing in my life at the moment. Taking 17 hours is a bit intense. It's crazy stressful, sleep is not usually very good because I'm super stressed all the time, but it's a good thing. I want to get out of college in a decent amount of time and this is the easiest way to achieve that. My grades are doing pretty good. I MADE A 100 ON MY ENGLISH EXAM. I was the only person out of 210 students to make a perfect score!!! I'm stoked! And I'm passing Political Science which if you know me, is a miracle. Jesus is so good. :)

Other things...Well, family. My sister is pregnant with a little girl! :) I'm so excited to be an aunt. That little girl will be spoiled rotten. My brother-in-law doesn't think I'll be the favorite aunt but I'm determined to be Lorelai Gilmore to this little girl. She will be all kinds of cool. They don't want a lot of pink though and no bows or tutu's. I think little bows are cute though so I'll be purchasing some of those for this little one. But I do agree about the tutu's. Those just look funky on babies.

Friends. Geez. So much I could talk about there. I have the most amazing friends. I've met so  many new girls in the sorority I'm pledging. They are all amazing Godly women and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Then there's The Lunch Club. A group of people who are incredible. They make me smile. And then all the friends in between. God has truly blessed me in that area. The people in my life are the people that help me through my days. They keep me smiling and help save my sanity! haha.

And just because I like to share joy with the world, a short video that I find humorous. :)

Now, all of these things are blessings and it makes me realize how great of a God I have. And when my life seems like it's turning upside down I can remember that He is always in control. He has the whole world in His hands. :)

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  1. This isn't boring . . . now.

    And yes, Jesus is responsible for you passing Political Science.